Video: Watch Gayle Full Interview With R.Kelly and.....

CBS is finally airing the full R.Kelly interview. Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage talk about their relationship with R.Kelly in a full interview with Gayle King at 7pm tonight on CBS 58. This interview is shocking. When Gayle asks about their sexual relations with R.Kelly, Azriel gets very defensive. She even got a little disrespectful with Gayle. In the recap of this interview, Gayle said she wanted to tell the ladies to pack their things and leave now. Ariel says she never had a desire to sing, but her parents released a video of her practicing singing for an audition. It's just a lot of he-say-she-say. Who really knows? Tune in tonight at 7pm then let me know how you feel about this interview with Gayle King.



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