VIDEO: 17 Men! 17 Men Since...

Kim Kardashian has dated 17 men since 1995 to 2012. Most of these men had some over lapping time while dating her. Did you know according to Ray J, profits from the sex tape he did with Kim is split three ways? Kim gets a third, Ray J get a third, and Kris Jenner (her mother) gets a third. After the sex tape she was everyone's Dream Girl. She dated everyone from TJ Jackson (Tito Jackson's son), Evan Ross (Diana Ross's son), Nick Cannon, and many more. So If Kim date 17 men in 17 years that means her body count is one man a year smh. I ain't gonna lie if I had a chance to shoot my shot i'll be number 18 lol. Let me know in the comments what you think about this crazy situation.



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