VIDEO: LEAVING NEVERLAND. This Is One Of Micheal Jackson's Accusers.

LEAVING NEVERLAND is an HBO Documentary on two guys that grew up with a close friend named MICHAEL JACKSON. When they were younger, Wade Robson (pictured with me) and James Safechuck (not pictured) claimed that Michael Jackson (as a grown man) NEVER Sexually Abused them. Years later, in this documentary they tell a different story. As a 5 year old child, Wade Danced With Michael on stage and appeared in 3 of MJ’s videos. He was a member of the Hip Hop Group QUO on Michael’s MJJ Music Label and grew up to be a world famous choreograher for IMMATURE, NSYNC, BRITTANY SPEARS and more. Plus he played himself in the 2004 movie “You Got Served.” In 2013, 4 years after Michael Jackson’s death Wade Robson filed a lawsuit against Michael’s estate claiming sexual abuse. In 2015 the case was dismissed because Wade missed the 12 month statutory deadline after Jackson’s death. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT THIS CLAIM????



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