Dang I Missed This! My Producer, Bri, Told Me About This Interview.

Wow, my producer Jvst Bri told me about this Interview, but I hesitant to post this. I never knew that Monique told Oprah, Lee Daniels, and Taylor Perry to SMD. Whew after you say something like hat you better be ready for a fight or to be cut off haha. Apparently, Steve Harvey is going to set up a meeting with Monique, Oprah, Lee Daniels, Taylor Perry, and even Will Packer. I hope they record it because I don't think that's gonna go to well. Let me Know in the comment what would make you say SMD to someone. Someone talking about your kids? Someone talking about your mother? What would do it for you? Shout to my producer Jvst Bri. Go follow her on Instagram @Jvst__Bri.



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