SMDH Sat Jussie Smollett facing charges for organizing his own attack.

Photo Via ABCChicago 7

JUSSIE JUSSIE JUSSIE.... This story has so many twist and turns it's starting to sound like an episode of "Empire" SMDH. For weeks I kept silent and my opinions to myself regarding the alleged racial/hate crime that Jussie Smollet said took place.I don't know why but something seemed off to me from the beginning and this past week things to a turn for the worst for the Empire star. Police arrested two U.S.-born brothers of Nigerian descent – Abel and Ola Osundairo who were considered the two suspects, however it came out that they may have helped the actor who allegedly set up the whole thing!! Jussie since has been arrested and posted bond and is facing charges for filing a false police report plus more felony charges. If all that ain't bad enough at a show before he was arrested he proclaimed to the crowd he was "The Gay 2pac" Negrooooo please!

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