Ron Burgundy Learns How To Meditate with Deepak Chopra on Podcast

After a very informative first episode of "The Ron Burgundy Podcast," during which everyone's favorite anchorman discussed True Crime, this week's episode is all about spirituality and meditation.

According to Burgundy, there are many subjects he often thinks about. He told his co-host/producer Carolina, "These are some of the questions that keep me and Baxter up at night; we go back and forth trading our thoughts and feelings. The other night we were talking about, what if our feet were our hands and our hands were are feet? I mean, the randomness of it all. It's just astonishing. Why is a nose called a nose?"

These are certainly deep questions, and after going through his rolodex (of which there are five names, and one of them being 911), Burgundy and Carolina came across Deepak Chopra (apparently, Deep for short), who explained it all!

Deepak unpacked a lot for Ron and not only answered some very important questions, but also led a very deep guided meditation. Take a look at some key take-aways below.

If you have questions about life:

Ron: "Deep, let me ask you, what would you tell someone who just has questions about life?

Deepak Chopra: "Well, on a very superficial level, I would say life is a sexually-transmitted incurable condition. On a deeper level, life is all there is. Without life there is no experience. So all what we call the body, what we call the world, what we call anything that we give a name to is actually created in consciousness. And once we agree on the meaning of the word, it becomes our reality."

How to live in the moment:

Ron: "Now I know that you probably are a huge proponent of trying to live more in the moment. I would assume that. And I have trouble, 'cause I'm always thinking, 'Oh, I've got to plan my next vacation. Oh, what should I have for lunch? Should I have a grilled cheese sandwich or tuna?' What steps should we take to just slow down and live more in the moment?"

Deepak Chopra: "That's a very important question because if you're not living in the moment and always in the future or the past, then you're not really here. You know that what's his name, Wittgenstein, the German philosopher said, 'We are asleep. Our life is a dream, but once in a while we wake up enough to know that we are dreaming.' And we wake up to ourself which this presence that we call 'Now.' So everything that is even a trillionth of a second in the past, or a trillionth of a second in the future is a dream. So, we are, in fact, living a dreamed reality. And if you're always anticipating the future, when it finally arrives you won't be there for it. So what's the point?"

Deepak Chopra on His Hope For The Human Race:

"I think ... well, if you really want my honest opinion, the human race is doomed to extinction. We've messed it up. It's an experiment that didn't work out. So, I think either we evolve to a new stage of our being ...or we're doomed. We're like the dinosaurs. We need to take a leap in our imagination to see what a peaceful, just, sustainable, healthier and joyful world could be, because it exists. It exists in our imagination at the moment."

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