SMDH Saturday Girl Named "Abcde" laughed at while at airport with mom

A Texas mother who was boarding a Southwest flight in November became upset when she claims employee's made fun of her daughter's name.  The 5 year old girl's boarding pass read Abcde Redford and yes you read it correctly the first 5 letters of the alphabet are her first name!!  However it's pronounced Ab-Ce-de or Ab-City.

 Now I ain't gone lie looking at that I would laugh too and that is a crazy way to spell a name. I don't think it's nice to make fun of a child or their name so I was conflicted on who I should sake my head at. The mom was tripping when she came up with the spelling and the staff should have handled it more professionally and waited till they walked away LOL.  SMDH at errbody involved!

Full Story via You 



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