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"Here's The Thing with Bailey Coleman,"  I totally unplug, I love to laugh and have fun, sometimes we have celebrity guest and sometimes it's just a sit down with me and a few friends! Either way it's a guaranteed great time! The latest Episode is an epic part two with special guest Phoeniix & Freedom from The In The Zone Podcast and I have no idea how they got me to spill so much tea on myself but they did!  

 "Chick Chat" all things girls with some of my female coworkers, and let me tell you something there is never a dull moment with these ladies, we may talk about weddings, holidays and baking, but there's no question everybody has their own opinion and it's always a fun and lively conversation! The latest Episode: She's not pregnant, nor is she planning on having kids any time soon, but Shannen has a strange hobby: naming babies. In fact, she has a list with dozens of names (first and middle) in her phone. Meg, Bailey, Hannah and Quinn had to give her a little grief for that...

"Positively People" where we keep it straight Community, from issues going on in our community to a variety of organization that can help you no matter what your issue normally we'll talk about it on Positively People! The latest Episode: We talk breast health basic's with Dr. Sandra Underwood and what to do after you've been diagnosed with breast cancer with ABCD After Breast Cancer Diagnosis.   

The latest episodes are below and I invite you to enjoy and share them with friends and if you want more you find them download them and listen to them all on our free iHeartRadio App! And as always Thank You so much for listening and sharing I do appreciate it and I hope you will too!



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