Wife Swap Mom Allegedly Murdered By Her Son! (video)

TMZ.com, youtube.com

So many crazy things happen these days, but who new something out of sorts would happen to this family? Sure they're super religious but if you're telling me this lady would know that one day one of her seemingly loving sons would allegedly kill her then your wrong.  

According to TMZ.com Jacob Stockdale who was also on an episode of "Wife Swap" with his family, was  charged with murder for allegedly killing his mom and brother.

The 26 year old  son and brother allegedly shot his mom Kathryn Stockdale and 21-year-old brother  James killing them both instantly and then he shot himself in the head, he survived. This all happened in June of 2017.  Jacob was hospitalized and rehabbed for several months to repair the extensive damage he'd inflicted upon himself.  Check out more HERE!



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