So Excited About My Partnership with Saint A!


Saint A is an organization that has been in Wisconsin for 168 years responding to the needs of children. Their mission is to facilitate equity, learning, healing and wellness by restoring the connections that help children and families thrive.

When I was a child my parents became Foster Parents and we had children of all ages that were a part of our family. That's why I'm so excited to build this connection with Saint A and encourage you to become Foster Parents as well! There are so many teens and school age children in Milwaukee County that need that love and stability from families here in the Milwaukee Area. On any given day in Wisconsin approximately 7000 children live in a Foster Care setting. Many children and teens have to leave, what is normally the one last source of stability they have, their schools to stay with families outside of Milwaukee County. But you can help.  Let’s keep them right here in Milwaukee.  Please take a moment watch the video above, listen to my podcast with Saint A below and find out  even more about becoming a Foster Parent just click HERE! Or you can give Saint A at 855-GrowHope



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