What It Really Takes To Make it In The Music Biz with Chad C-Note Roper!

Grammy Nominated Producer Chad C-Note Roper

On the latest edition of "Here's The Thing" with Bailey Coleman, Just before Hip Hop week in Milwaukee I had a chance to sit down with Grammy Nominated Music Producer Chad C-Note Roper to find out What It Really Takes To Make it In The Music Biz! 

There are so many things that he covers in the interview, that as an artist you just need for basic info if you're really serious about being in the music business.  I talk to people all the time that just have no idea what that dream of being in the music business actually requires of you! Plus how should you be managing your money? How should you be keeping and eye on your money? If you're the singer and not the producer or song writer how do you actually make your money? While no situation is the "be all end all" and everyone's path to success is different, its important to kind of have an idea of how this whole thing works! If you're serious about being in the music business and really getting yourself off the ground you might want to listen to this and share it with your friends! Enjoy and if you like this edition of my podcast "Here's The Thing" with Bailey Coleman you can check the rest out on our free iHeartRadio App just click HERE! 


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