Cardi B & Nicki Weren't The Only One's Fightin'! (video)

Princess and Moniece Brawl on L&HHH!

Okay I've pretty much have checked out on this show, but every once in awhile .... they make me tune in for the drama! Haha I can't help it! These chic's be at it!!! What in the world is Moniece thinking?  But that's the crazy thing about her right? She doesn't think? Princess is pregnant, who threatens a pregnant woman? Who throws a chair at a pregnant woman?  Okay I know what you're saying "Princess" may have been asking for it, maybe just a little bit? I still can't condone it!

 Its like the whole Cardi B verses Nicki Minaj thing, everyone's talking about how they shouldn't have gotten into it where they did at fashion week, but for me they just shouldn't have gotten into it at all! I do however, understand how Cardi felt, you can't talk about peoples kids and their ability to take care of  them and think they're not going to have at least a few words for you as well.  Here's what's real though, have your words, but that tendency to make you want to reach out and tag others has to be controlled. If you can't control it  you'll end up broke from all the lawsuits! If I could put a smiley face in I'd do it right here!! (     ) There's a certain point in your life where you gotta realize it's not cool to put your hands on other people, my Mom would always tell us "Baby You're to Cute to Fight"! 


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