Have You Seen Chris Browns New Bulletproof SUV? (video)

Photo: TMZ.com, Youtube

According to TMZ.com Chris Brown who has 18 Million vehicle's already just purchashed this new Rezvani Tank for a very modest $350k! So if you're like me this tank should be a four bedroom with spa and pool included!!! (Insert laugh right here) While we're both laughing this tank is super cusomized and Batman would love it! This tank is bulletproof and will supposidly survive multiple rounds from machine guns other automatic weapons and more! This tank is perfect for movie's too check this out there are even Smoke screens, plus thermal night vision, viewable on a display screen, electric door handles and if all that weren't enought defensive spike strips! I'm done!!! 

So for those that were wondering all of that pretty much equals the four bedroom, spa and pool, I was talking about earlier!  


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