Simple Ways to Exercise, Eat Right & Change Your Life - Coach Shannon ASF

Shannon All Around Sports Fitness

Real talk! Weight and losing weight has been a struggle for me the better part of my life. One of the great things that happened to me about 5 years ago was meeting Shannon from All Around Sports Fitness! It changed my life! When I met her I'd never done a push up before! Oh you know I had done the girl push ups on my knees but not the real one's!! I was seriously hurting though, my exercise was very minimal okay non existent! While I'm still on my journey to my weight loss goal, I have had significant weight loss over the past few years (see pics below) and her help in doing that and helping to improve my overall health has been amazing! 

In this edition of Positively People we talk about simple, easy things that you can do to improve your life through exercise and simple modifications to what and how you eat.  There's no magic pill to this weight loss thing, and it can be hard especially when you hit a plateau or you body decides it wants to hit a set point) but, it does take work. The good news is, if you just start now, your 10 steps ahead of where you were yesterday and you'll start seeing changes and improvements in your health as you go along as well! I was on Instagram yesterday and so a message that said keep struggling till things change, keep moving till you have your break through it's been a minute but if you're like me I'm ready for my break through so the movement continues! Enjoy this latest edition of Positively People "Simple Ways to Finally Lose Weight, Eat Right & Change Your Life"  Featuring Coach Shannon from All Around Sports Fitness! I hope it helps send you in the right direction and of course as always SHARE this with anyone and everyone you thing may benefit from it!  



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