Roseanne, Racism & Can Your Boss Fire You For Your Social Media Comments?

Here's The Thing with Bailey Coleman

This edition of Here's The Thing with Bailey Coleman really get's down and dirty with our special guest QueenBVirtue3 and Wildwon AKA Bridgette and Mike two of Milwaukee's most social, social media pontificates!  

We get right to the nuts and bolts of Racism, what's it's like to feel the miss guided words of another person that is not of color and so much more.  What's the current climate in America and in Milwaukee and why are people now starting to feel this new freedom to express what they've been hiding all along?  Or is there a new resurgence of racism in the United States?  Why are people going out of their way it seems to join hate groups and say hateful things?  Does it have anything to do with the current leadership of our country? We explore all of those things! Plus can your boss actually fire you for what you post on your social media accounts?  Do they really check?  How can they use your post against you? You'll be surprised at what you hear and why you might want to go back and look over what you've posted on your social media accounts.  

Bailey, Bridgette and Mike lay it all on the line in this edition of "Here's The Thing" so kick back relax and get your listen on! Heck you might even want to take notes cuz this is fire! 



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