Did You See MKE Bucks Sterling Brown Arrest Footage? (video)


Wait till you watch this footage, it's crazy! Sterling did nothing, the cop looks to be just trying to start something with him.  No wonder the mayor apologized he should have! Mr. Brown should have simply been given a ticket and allowed to keep going.  Watch the video and see what you think! This is so whack, an if you don't see the problem maybe you're numb to the things that happen with the police and African-Americans in our country.  What's really bananas about half way through you see the cops have run a check on his there's no warrants or anything and they say that, so then why didn't they let him go at that point? I mean heck they'd already tasered him?  

I heard that Sterling is going to sue and he should, not just for himself but for the other people dealing with the same situations that don't have money to sue.



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