Jacquees Arrested at General Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee (video)

Jacquees Arrested Milwaukee credit- Youtube

How crazy! How y'all gone let Jacquees get arrested at General Mitchell Airport? And of course here we go makin' #WorldStar again! SMH! Quees said all he was doing was singing in the airport, what you think? The police are alleging other things but I don't know, guess we'll find out eventually, but if he still in jail somebody need to go put something on his books! Real talk! :)  

Wait I have a #CultureMoment for You!

I love how the media labels every artist a "rapper"! They do it to almost every artist of color, especially the guys, immediately if they're African-American, "oh yeah he's a  rapper"! Jacquees has not released a "rap" record yet, he's an R&B singer and so is Trey Songz! I know it's fun for the media to label any person of color in music a rapper when they get arrested! It's just like a standard "He's Black?" oh he's a rapper!! LMBO!! 



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