R. Kelly should sit down.... here's why

For years, R. Kelly has been seen as a musical genius. I agree with the narrative that he is but..... it's time for him to sit down and count his blessings because he isn't supposed to be a free man. Rewind back to 2002 when the bombshell of him having sex with an underage girl on video hit. He (R. Kelly) was on top of the music world. People had ignored him getting MARRIED to a 15 year old Aaliyah a few years prior. People had ignored the rumors floating around that he fraternize with teen girls and was a regular at the Rock N' Roll McDonalds in Chicago, at the time a popular hang out spot for teens on certain week nights. But you couldn't ignore the image of him having sex with a obvious underage girl. Thru legal loopholes, the prosecution couldn't prove the age of the young lady on the tape. R. Kelly got off. In came the new allegations that the young lady that was on the tape was paid off along with her family to "disappear". Oh and now the singer himself is calling himself the Pied Piper (for anyone that doesn't know the story of the pied piper, click here). Over the past year, I have read new allegations of R. Kelly running a sex cult along with other crazy stories. But still he (R. Kelly) seems to think that everyone should kiss the ground that he walks on and ignore the obvious issues he has with women. As I read another article today courtesy of the Washington Post (read that here and check out the video below), I realize that this would be a great time for R. Kelly to sit down somewhere and enjoy the fruits of his profession and stay out of the public eye. Sit down Rob and save the little dignity that you have left. 



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