3 Lives Lost over Weed, Money & Video Games its a Shame (video)

Photo Credit: WISN 12 video

3 Lives Lost over Weed, Money & Video Games it’s a Shame. I told you all when this happened that it was a story close to my heart, because these two young men went to daycare with my son Kendall. It’s so sad when our kids make the wrong choices. You remember this story from last February right? Another teenager 14 named Spencer Lewis and his accomplice who was even younger decided to rob the two brothers for what police say was "weed, money and video games". Lewis ended up shooting both brothers resulting in their deaths which he later confessed too.

It’s so sad because no one won in this situation, two families are now forever tied together over a bad decision by a teen who was misguided as many teens often are, wrong choices that really ended three lives. 

Today Spencer Lewis the 15 year old who ended the lives of CJ and Trajan Edwards was sentenced to 34 years in prison, he won't be released until he's 49. I know what you’re saying at least he has his life, that’s true, but what kind of life will that be behind bars for the majority of his life? Furthermore I'm surprised that he didn't get life, after all he did take 2. The whole situation is tragic, I am absolutely not a pro-gun person hate me for that if you want. I just feel guns can protect life but they can also end life accidentally or intentionally and sometimes the aftermath of the use of a gun is just too much for me. I'm sorry for everyone involved in this terrible incident. May God Bless everyone involved in this terrible incident. CJ and Trajan may you forever rest in peace, (you were good friends to Kendall taught him about WWE and cartoon network) and may your family have the peace now that they deserve. Check out more on the story HERE!



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