WIZ KHALIFA: Sued With 40 Others for Assault

WIZ KHALIFA: Sued With 40 Others for Assault


Wiz Khalifa has been named in a lawsuit filed in West Virginia for an alleged assault that took place in April 2013.

The Taylor Gang frontman, born Cameron Thomaz, along with 40 other defendants, including Rostrum Records and 4.0 Entertainment, are being sued by Ryan Smith, who attended the Taylor Gang Goodstock Tour event organized by Rostrum Records, 4.0 Entertainment, and HowFlyHipHop at Tunez and Cue restaurant last spring in West Virginia.

Smith claims he was a victim of an “unprovoked” assault by attackers who are said to be contracted by Wiz and the defendants listed in the suit. Smith claims to have suffered a broken jaw and other injuries requiring reconstructive surgery and dental work and says his injuries, loss of income, disability and loss of enjoyment of life is a direct result of the defendants' negligent acts.




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