The BeyHive got roasted on this weekend's Saturday Night Live in a sketch that even Beyonce's staunchest supporters had to admit was hysterical -- and more than a little bit true.

The digital short titled "The Beygency" starred host Andrew Garfield of Spider-Man as a man who makes the mistake of admitting that he's not a fan of "Drunk in Love" at a dinner party. 

Garfield's is then forced to go underground as he pursued by a shadowy agency called The Beygency, whose job it is to track down people who diss Beyonce. At one point Kiefer Sutherland makes a cameo as a Jack Bauer-like character who's also on the run for making the mistake of getting a tattoo that proclaimed "Rihanna #1!" Garfield's character eventually loses his job, his family and even his identity, ultimately ending up in a jail cell with a woman who failed to dance to a Beyonce song at a wedding. 

The skit was so on point that even several prominent members of the BeyHive took to Twitter to say that they loved it:

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Will this finally get the BeyHive to take themselves a little less seriously? 
  • Wonder if Beyonce has seen this yet? 
  • This is probably Keri Hilson's favorite SNL sketch of all time.