T.I.: Trouble at Home


Are T.I. and Tiny about to call it quits?

According to Bossip, the couple could be heading toward divorce after Tiny found out the T.I has gotten one of his "side pieces" pregnant. A source tells the website that Tip has been "sponsoring" the Atlanta woman for about a year, and that now that the relationship is out in the open, Tiny wants to end their 13-year marriage.

The source adds that Tiny has become very insecure from the negative comments about her looks on Instagram, and that T.I. has come to "pity" her and feels an obligation to stay with her.

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Let's hope the family can keep hustlin' together. 
  • This is the season of side chicks and break babies. 
  • When you guys say nasty things about Tiny's looks, remember that she sees them and is hurt by them. 



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