Beer/Whiskey Tasting

There’s tons of wine tasting classes, but more men are beer and hard liquor connoisseurs. Find a local brewery or whiskey bar and take him for a tasting class.

Suit Accessory

Many men forget to accessorizes which is where you come in. For V-day, buy him the little trinkets he may forget to buy himself like cuff links, belts, pocket napkin, dress socks, etc.

Photo Frame

If you’ve ever taken a picture that was super cute, turn the picture black and white and put it in a sentimental frame.

Sport Tickets

Take him to see his favorite sports team play when they come to a city near you. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good seats and he’ll appreciate the gesture, especially if he knows you’re not into sports.

Comedy Show Tickets

Without breaking budget, you can take him to a local comedy show and laugh and drink while spending quality time on your budget.

Coupon Book

Fill his coupon book up with sexy and fun things you’ll promise to do for him.

His Date Night

You know that thing you hate to do but he loves: well now you have to do it. What better way to show your love for your guy than sacrificing time to do what he wants. Write a list of all the things he loves that you loathe and slowly check them off as you do them together.

Gun Range

Take him to the gun range and release some extra energy you both may have. It’s an exciting and memorable gift that isn’t one bit girly.

Grooming Kit

Men love to look good, but don’t always know how. For Valentine’s Day, get him something he’ll love and you can also benefit from the gift.

Guys Night

Grant him a guy’s night on your pocket. If your man is always footing the bill for dates with or without him, you should surprise him with a paid boys night: he will be forever grateful.