TeeRoy's 10 Things You Can’t Expect to Get Back After a Breakup



A Donated Organ

You definitely give your heart away in a relationship. But if you were amazingly kind enough to actually donate an organ to your significant other, you probably shouldn't expect to get that back if the union goes sour. Because, you know, they'd probably not live without it. 

And yes, I know this is a picture of a musical organ, but bodily organs are really gross and don't photograph all that nicely. 


An Engagement Ring

This one's tricky. In most courts, engagement rings are treated as conditional gifts. This means that one person gives a ring to another under the condition that there will be a marriage. If the breakup happens before the wedding, then it gets dicey.


If you didn't make it down the aisle, then talk it out with your ex and decide how to handle the bling. Otherwise, it's safe to assume that the dumpee should probably keep the stud. Unless it's a family heirloom. Then always give that back. Seriously, no exceptions.


That Pet You Bought Them

Breakups are hard on everyone, including the furry members of your family. But as awful as it might feel (just look at that face!), you probably shouldn't expect to get back the pet you bought your ex. Especially if you delivered it with a nice bow and collar during the holidays. 


The Netflix Login

Admit it, you were totally using your boyfriend's mother's friend's Netflix login. But now that you've broken up, that's not really cool, so don't ask him for the password. Go ahead, pony up the $8 monthly membership and get your own account. Plus, do you really want him to see you watching reruns of Say Yes to the Dress? Answer: no.


That Sweater Your S.O. Always Borrowed

Sorry, dude. You're not getting your sweater back. I love it, I wear it the most, it's comfortable, and it definitely looks better on me. 


Your Favorite Spot

Every couple has their favorite spot. The place you met, where you had your first kiss, etc. But even after it's over, the memories remain in those special places. Find yourself a new coffee shop or park bench -- because you can never have it meannothing again. 


Your Ex's Family

It's so easy to fall in love not only with him, but also with his family. But when the relationship ends, so does the talk with your ex's parents and siblings. You might really love his mom or be tight with his sister, but it's best to just say goodbye to the whole clan.


The Friendship

For anyone who can truly be friends with an ex: How do you do it? It doesn't matter if you were friends before getting into the relationship -- going back to being "just buds" is awkward and, sometimes, completely impossible. I don't trust that "I just want to be friends" talk. Usually, you can't get it back.



Chances are, you've shared some intimate personal details with your significant other. So once the relationship is dunzo, just take the high road and keep the secrets, well ... secret. Since you've already confided in each other, you can't get them back. But make sure no one else hears them, either.



Face it, no matter how long your relationship lasted, you can never get that time back. Chalk it all up to experience and learn from the union and what went wrong. That way, you'll come out a better person.