SOULJA BOY, DIDDY: Worst Rappers of All Time

SOULJA BOY, DIDDY: Worst Rappers of All Time

It looks easy, but rapping isn't something that everyone should try. GQ has compiled a list of the worst MCs who've ever attempted to rock a mic. Here are some of the lowlights:

  • Chingy: His career faded because his songs about money and having sex with girls who like his money never evolved. 
  • Soulja Boy: Ice-T accused him of "singlehandedly killing hip-hop." In "Pretty Boy Swag," he repeats the title of the song at least 30 times. 
  • Pitbull: All he raps about is hot girls and nightlife, with random reminders of his Cuban-American heritage. For example: "My tongue is bilingual, ready to play with that spot where you tingle."
  • Puff Daddy: He has an ear for hooks, and he knows the business, which is how he got to where he is in lifeBut as a rapper, he's lucky he owns his own label.

Others who made the list include Will SmithVanilla Ice and Madonna.


  • Amazingly, hip-hop didn't die after Soulja Boy.
  • Pitbull might've been OK if he hadn't just gone for the money.
  • Don't expect any Bad Boy artists to interview with GQ anytime soon.



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