SCHOOL DAZE: School Reverses Dreadlock Ban

An Oklahoma charter school has reversed its ban on dreadlocks after a seven-year-old girl's family said she was forced to withdraw for violating the policy.

Following a national outcry over the treatment of Tiana Parker, the school's board voted this week to allow dreadlocks, Afros and other hairstyles that had been banned. According to News One, school board president Kenneth James says it was not the administration’s intent to harm Tiana or her family, and he apologized if any harm did occur.

No word if Tiana plans to return to the school now that her dreads are OK.


  • That school board is in damage control. 
  • It'll probably be hard for Tiana's parents to send her back now.
  • How do you feel about your child's school saying how they can wear their hair? Is there ever a place for that? 
  • Do you think schools with largely white populations ever try to monitor student's hair? 



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