Nicki Minaj And Lil Wayne Might Be Having A Baby Together, And Here's What The Kid Could Look Like

(Rumor Fix) — Ummm, is Nicki Minaj preggo with Lil Wayne's child!? According to several new reports, yes! Nicki and Weezy have always projected a chummy brother-sister-like relationship. But recent reports suggest the rappers are having sexytime and might be having a baby together!!

Pregnancy rumors set the internet ablaze after one source spotted Nicki with a pregnant belly at dinner and said she toasted with a glass of water. The source also claims it is "highly unusual" for the star "to toast with anything but a full glass of wine."

How would a Nicki Minaj / Weezy's baby look like? Would the baby have dreads, drink sizzurp all day, and pretend to be three different people? LOL

While we patiently wait for this piece of news to be confirmed... watch the video below!