RUBEN STUDDARD: Plans to Go From Idol Winner to Biggest Loser

RUBEN STUDDARD: Plans to Go From Idol Winner to Biggest Loser

Ruben Studdard is trying his hand at another reality competition show.

The former American Idol winner will appear on the 15th installment of NBC's The Biggest Loser.

Ruben, who was known as the Velvet Teddy Bear during his Idol run in 2003, shed a bunch of weight after getting married in 2008, but he gained most of it back after divorcing in 2012. Ruben once told Billboard magazine, "My family has a history of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart-related issues -- things I didn't have to deal with yet because I'm young. But I don't want to be worried at 40, and if I don't fix things now, I will be."

Source: Hollywood Reporter




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