RICK RUBIN: Yeezus II on the Way?

Hate it or love it -- Kanye's most recent drop Yeezus debuted at number-one. What if there were more?

In an interview with The Daily Beast, producer Rick Rubin explained how he helped narrow down “three and a half hours of works in progress” for the 10-song collection, which opens the possibility of a sequel created from the leftovers.

Kanye was planning a 16-song album, but when he brought Rubin into the project, he suggested that it might be better if it were "more concise." Rubin told him, "Maybe this is two albums. Maybe this is just the first half."

If Kanye does release a sequel this year, he it won't be the first time this year a major artist splits a large collection of songs into two albums. Justin Timberlake is due to release the rest of 20/20 Experience September 30th, six months after the first volume.

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  • A lot of hip-hop fans are mad at the Yeezus album, so maybe there's no benefit in dropping part-two.