RICK ROSS: Sued for $90,000 Over Rolex Watches

RICK ROSS: Sued for $90,000 Over Rolex Watches

It's always interesting when celebs, especially rappers, end up getting sued for things like tax evasion, foreclosure or not paying retail bills. With all the money and materialistic things they rap about, they should at least be able to pay for what they brag about, right?

TMZ reports that Rick Ross is being sued by Johnny’s Custom Jewelry in Houston, seeking $90,000 for three Rolex watches.

The store prides itself on having a celebrity clientele, and features Ross on its website. Ross even did an in-store there last August -- that is also featured on the site. 

Ross has yet to release a public statement about the suit.


  • But Ross, we thought you were a boss. How come you can't pay for your Rollies?
  • This is what was supposed to happen -- he was going to use money from his shoe contract to pay for the watches. But he got dropped.
  • Who spends that much on a watch? Feed the children or something.



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