Prince's death has meant good business for his suburban Minneapolis hometown.

Chanhassen, Minnesota  is drawing more visitors since April 21st a year ago. Not only has the Paisley Park compound attracted more than 40,000 people, but Mayor Denny Laufenburger says there's been a halo effect. "People are coming in droves to Chanhassen because of Paisley Park." Though the city doesn't directly tax tickets for that attraction, "it gets a piece from everyone who buys gas here or stops at a restaurant and goes to the places Prince used to go."

A local merchants group called Buy Chanhassen has formed and published a map of local spots Prince often went to, such as the local movie theater, an arboretum (where he shot photos) and Axel’s restaurant -- where he was known to sneak in the back door and head to the private “godfather” booth.

Locations in Minneapolis are also benefiting -- First Avenue, the club where the movie Purple Rain was filmed -- is called a "magnet for fans." Its manager Nate Kranz says, "There are no signs of it letting up. It’s a cool thing… Not a day goes by without multiple requests to tour the club." (Star Tribune)