NICKI MINAJ: Celebs Who Want Her Bad

It seems like the whole world wants a piece of Nicki Minaj and her cakes -- but is there enough to go around? Everyone is memorized by the pink bombshell and certain celebs have no problem admitting it:

  • Drake -- In how many songs has Drake made Nicki his girl? He's had a crush on her for years, but Nicki doesn't seem to have time for that.
  • Lil Wayne - He’s said he loves that donk and definitely enjoyed their video shoot for "High School."
  • DJ Khaled - The Internet still can't stop talking about the proposal. He really embarrassed himself with that one.
  • Rihanna - You know she's down to mix it up.
  • French Montana - His celebrity crush is definitely Nicki. We wonder what Trina thinks about it. 



  • She's a doll, not a real woman. What's the fascination? 
  • Tell those crushes to take a number and get in line. Safaree isn't letting his woman go!
  • Nick Cannon is notably absent from this list.



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