NICK CANNON: Dissed by Cam'Ron

NICK CANNON: Dissed by Cam'Ron

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We know Nick Cannon has jokes, but judging from their diss battle on Instagram, Cam'Ron has more.

The action started when Cam posted a picture of Cannon wearing a white suit and a leopard print pattern painted on his head with the caption, "Emergency black ppl meeting at 8am tomorrow morning to discuss removing Nick Cannon."

Cannon quickly fired back, posting a famous picture of Cam in a pink mink coat and matching hat with the caption, "#Wildnout I love this [stuff] #SuperFresh."

But Cam got the last laugh, posting a picture of himself in the pink outfit performing on stage with Cannon's wife, a smiling Mariah Carey. "Thx nick!! I'm glad da whole family digs my aura.. Lol," wrote Cam. 

After that, nothing else was heard from Cannon on the subject. 

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Should Nick just take that, or does he have to respond?
  • If he responds, what should he say? 
  • Should Nick even care if people think he's corny?



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