NELLY: Blasted on Twitter

NELLY: Blasted on Twitter

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Nelly is getting dragged on Twitter for posting pictures of cereal while staying silent about the riots taking place near his hometown of St. Louis.

The rapper ignited the storm after he posted a throwback Thursday picture from a cereal ad he once did. The caption read, "#TBT to my iced out box of Honey Nut Cheerios." Black Twitter quickly pounced on the rapper, with posts like:

  • ‏@Rell2Ls "Sooooo....all this going on and Nelly posts a picture of himself with some damn [kidding] me."
  • @C_Penn: "Nelly acting nothing is going on back home but anyway..."
  • @DrydenNeal: "St. Louis up in flames & Nelly tweeting about lower his cholesterol wit cereal. Bruh I hope Murphy Lee cyrax dead whip [him]."
  • @savetheetatas: "y'all must not be from here bc if so you would know STL DOES NOT [mess] with Nelly."

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Should we expect Nelly to say something? It's not like he was ever political with his music? 
  • He has a hometown obligation.
  • Should Nelly have just stayed silent if he didn't have anything to say about Ferguson? 
  • Do you think Nelly will speak up after this?



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