NBA: Player Signs "Abortion Contract"

NBA: Player Signs "Abortion Contract"

Every athlete dreams of turning pro and signing that first big contract that will make them filthy rich. NBA player J.J. Redick did just that when he was drafted by the Orlando Magic in 2006. What we now know is that soon after that, the all-time leading scorer in Duke University history signed another big contract – an "abortion contract."

Documents leaked online suggest that in 2007, during his rookie season, Redick allegedly made his then pregnant girlfriend, model Vanessa Lopez, sign a legal agreement to terminate the pregnancy. By signing the contract, Lopez was agreeing to have an abortion, but with one stipulation. Redick would have to agree to maintain a relationship with her for one year following the termination of the pregnancy. And if he decided he couldn't do that, Redick would have to pay Lopez $25,000.

But there's more: The contract states that if Lopez attempted any contact with Redick following the conclusion of their one-year "relationship," it would be considered stalking and he could theoretically have her arrested. Whoa. So where are they now? Well, Redick has played seven years for the Magic, one for the Bucks and is now an LA Clipper. He's married to a woman named Chelsea.

Vanessa Lopez has had relationships and legal problems with several other NBA stars including Shaquille O'Neal and Delonte West. (Deadspin)




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