NAS: Not Mad at Grammys

NAS: Not Mad at Grammys


Hip-hop purists might be furious that Nas has never won a Grammy despite 13 nominations, but he's not worried about it. 

During a panel discussion for Steve Stoute's VH1 documentary Tanning of America, Nas said, "I like that the Grammys nominated me. I know the hugest platform for music is theGrammys, it matters...but something that huge is never gonna get it right. So it's OK. It gives me the opportunity to wear a nice suit on a red carpet."

Nas adds that he has no issue with the current state of rap music, even though he hears "a lot of jingles" when he turns on his radio. "That’s cool. I see a lot of young black kids making money, and I’m very happy with that."

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

--Nas has been around long enough not to get bent out of shape about validation.

--Still, 13 nominations and no wins is outrageous. Even for the Grammys.

--He might claim it's not, but "a whole lot of jingles" is a subliminal diss at someone. 




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