MIMI FAUST: Mother of the Year?

MIMI FAUST: Mother of the Year?

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Mimi Faust has a message for all the people calling her a bad mother for releasing a sex tape with her boyfriend Nikko. "It sounds absolutely crazy for them to say I'm a bad mother," the Love and Hip-Hop star tells Hip-Hop Weekly. "I could've released the tape for free and I would have been a complete [idiot] to let that happen."

Mimi goes on to say that anyone criticizing her is just being a hypocrite. "I didn't do anything else that anyone else in the world wouldn't do. I was with my man. Everyone else in our cast is having sex with their significant other. The difference is that i filmed myself and the tape got out." 

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • So she was teaching her child an important lesson about economics? 
  • Isn't everyone tired of talking about Mimi and her sex tape already? 
  • How long until the second one drops?
  • "The tape got out." The great excuse for our time.



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