Meek Mill will be attending summer classes this year.

MEEK MILL: Ordered To Take Etiquette Classes

Meek Mill will be attending summer classes this year. 

A Philadelphia judge has ordered Meek to attend etiquette classes as part of his court-ordered probation, citing his behavior in court, in public and on the 'Net. 

On Friday, Judge Genece Brinkley said that Meek, who's on probation for a 2008 conviction for drug dealing and gun possession, has “a lot of issues” and was warned that his posts on social networks, as well as his conduct in public, could “affect his freedom.” The judge apparently received threat messages from Meek's fans after he posted inflammatory messages on social networks. 

Meek Mill, who is recording a new album and going on a court-approved tour, must take the etiquette classes by August 4th.


  • Watch this turn into a mini-reality series. 
  • No one should be ordered to take etiquette classes for social networking comments -- that's insane.
  • There are a few other rappers who could benefit from a mandated etiquette class. 



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