Meek Mill sues city of Philadelphia for false imprisonment.

MEEK MILL: Suing Philly


Meek Mill reps hard for his hometown of Philadelphia, but that's not stopping him from filing a lawsuit against the City of Brotherly Love.

According to TMZ, Meek claims that he was falsely imprisoned by city cops on Halloween in 2012 after they claimed they smelled pot in his car. He says he was locked up after he refused to let officers search the ride and that a subsequent search proved that he wasn't carrying anything. Further, he notes that because of the delay, he missed a private flight he had booked to Atlanta that evening and wound up canceling a scheduled show. Between the flight and the income from the concert, Meek says he lost over $60,000.

Meek also argues that negative publicity from the arrest hurt him as he was negotiating a endorsement deal with Puma. He claims that they were discussing a deal for $2 million, but after the arrest, he was forced to settle for $600,000. 

Meek is seeking unspecified damages from the city. 

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Hard to believe Meek was really going to get a $2 million deal from Puma. 
  • This should make Meek popular with Philly cops. He better watch himself when he's home. 
  • If they're so worried about black-on-black murders in Philly, maybe they should stop hassling people like Meek over stupid stuff.



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