MACKELMORE: Stop Apologizing?



Should Mackelmore stop apologizing for being white? That's the opinion of HipHopDX, which writes in an editorial that the rapper is actually making things worse by continuously apologizing for besting Kendrick Lamar at The Grammys. "No matter how sincere, publicizing the message wasn't just good sportsmanship, but another way of fanning the race flames," writes the sites' editors. 

They go on to say, "Meanwhile, Macklemore's apologizes for being a successful white rapper in hip-hop, and constantly admitting to benefiting from 'White privilege' doesn't change the actual acts itself. If Elvis Presley would have owned up to his part in hi-jacking Black music, that would not have made the reality any different. Or any better for that matter."

In their eyes, Macklemore needs to have pride in the fact that he won and own his victory. "There's no shame in winning awards, selling singles, wanting to be accepted by hip-hop, and being White," says the site.

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Do you think Mackelmore is apologizing for being white? If so, should he stop?
  • On one hand, people are mad at Mackelmore for winning, but are also mad at him for agreeing with them. Is that fair? 
  • What would be the right way for Mackelmore to handle this? Say nothing? 



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