LIL' WAYNE: Rap Mother Show?

We've seen mothers steal the spotlight on various reality TV shows, and now producers are looking to film a show about the mothers of famous MCs.

According to AllHipHop, the mothers of Lil' WayneWaka FlockaBow Wow and T-Pain are all friendly with each other. Word is that producers want to cash in on the friendship and film a show that revolves entirely around the ladies' lives.

According to sources, so far the moms haven't committed to the program, but producers plan to stay after them. There's no word on where the show would air, but you can probably narrow it down to a couple of channels.

TeeRoy 2 Cents:

  • They better find a way to get Momma Jones on there. 
  • Who knew that rap mothers would translate so well to reality TV?
  • Guess a hip-hop kids show can't be far behind. 



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