LIL KIM: It's a Girl

LIL KIM: It's a Girl

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This past February, Lil Kim announced that she and Mr. Paper are expecting their first child together. Yesterday (Sunday), the Brooklyn femcee gave her Instagram followers an Easter surprise by revealing that they're having a girl.

In Kim's Instagram post, she also announced the baby shower is set for May 10th and will be coordinated by celebrity event planner David Tutera, who put together Chris Paul’s wedding in October 2011.

Source: AllHipHop

TeeRoy's 2 Cents: 

  • Hopefully Mr. Papers has some paper. 
  • What type of things will Kim teach her daughter? There are going to be a lot of "don't do what I did" lessons.
  • Let's hope the baby gets Kim's natural looks -- before all the surgery. 



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