LEBRON JAMES: That's What Friends are For

LEBRON JAMES: That's What Friends are For


They say it  pays to know people in high places -- ask Lebron.

NBA superstar LeBron James pulled some strings to get music by his childhood friend,Sian Cotton, a spot on the new NBA 2K14 soundtrack.

According to TMZ, Cotton and James have been friends since they were kids and even kicked a few bars together here and there. Cotton says LeBron has been nothing but supportive of his aspiring rap career and does what he can do get his music out there. Sian tells TMZ. "I'd been submitting my stuff to 2K, and then I found out LeBron was gonna be on the cover."

Sian adds he went to reach out to James to ask him to help a brotha out, but when he grabbed his phone he already had a text from the Heat star that read, "'I wanna get you on the game."

Eventually Bron called him with the good news. "He said 'the people from '14 have been calling you. They picked your song!"

Cotton is now is the process of preparing for the release of his new album.




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