Jay Z violently attacked by Solange in elevator.

JAY-Z: Attacked By Solange!


Something bad went down between Jay Z and Beyonce's sister Solange in an elevator last week at the Met Gala at NYC's Standard Hotel -- and a security camera captured all the drama.

In a tape obtained by TMZ, Jay, Bey and Solange can be seen entering an elevator along with several other people, including a security guard. Within seconds of entering, someone who certainly seems to be Solange can be seen screaming at Jay and then make a violent lunge at him. The security guard tries to put her in a bear hug, but she manages to break free and throw several wild punches at Jay. The guard scoops her up again, but she still almost manages to land a kick in Jay's midsection. 

Jay steps back after the initial assault and never makes a move toward Solange, though he does hold her foot briefly when she tries to kick him. Meanwhile, a woman who appears to be Beyonce watches the entire incident without intervening. 

According to TMZ, after exiting the elevator, all three left the party, with Solange and Bey getting in one car and Jay getting in another. 

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Trouble in paradise!
  • What did Jay do to piss Solange off like that? 
  • Beyonce just watched. Should she have at least stepped between them? 
  • Someone at the Standard just got paid. But they're going to lose their job too. 
  • This is a reminder that NOTHING goes down in private anymore. There is always a camera watching. 



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