JAY Z: Stupid Blunt-Smoking Kid?

JAY Z: Stupid Blunt-Smoking Kid?

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The engineer accused of trying to extort Jay Z over those lost master recordings says he actually did Jay a favor. Chauncey Mahan tells TMZ that back in 2002 Jay was just a "stupid kid smoking blunts" and that if he hadn't stored the masters, they likely would have disappeared forever. 

Mahan was detained by police on Friday after requesting a $100,000 "storage fee" for the masters, which are rumored to be worth up to $20 million. Authorities eventually let him go, but are holding onto the tapes while they try to determine rightful ownership.

Meanwhile, Just Blaze, who produced many of the tracks Mahan has masters of, took to Twitter to blast the one time Roc-a-Fella engineer. He writes, "Chauncey stayed effing up. Big part of the reason Hip and I brought in Guru... Oh. And I have backups of just about all of those files Chauncey tried to extort for. Dummy. Last thing @ind3lible and I did before we shut down baseline was a digital backup of EVERYTHING that was ever done there. EVERYTHING."

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Jay has a reputation of not being a smoker. Hard to believe he was too busy puffing blunts in 2002 to know where his masters were. 
  • This guy is going to lose if he tries to slander Jay. 
  • Should this guy go to jail? Or just give the masters back?



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