Is Kanye jealous about Kim's secret relationship with Chris Brown?

KANYE WEST: Jealous of Chris Brown


Did Kanye West recently lose it over Kim Kardashian's secret past with Chris Brown? That's the word accordion to RadarOnline, which quotes a source as saying that Yeezy "blew a gasket" after learning about the situation and almost canceled their wedding. 

Surprisingly, it doesn't seem that anything sexual happened. Instead, Kim told Kanye that the two once met, while they were both single, to discuss marketing deals. She admitted that there was chemistry between them, but she insisted that nothing physical happened. 

Still, the source says that a jealous 'Ye demanded that she never speak to Brown again, saying that it would hurt the soon-to-be-married couple's image. The snitch says, “He’s obviously someone Kanye doesn’t believe he and Kim should have anything to do with. Especially now with their Vogue cover, Kanye knows he and Kim are an A-list couple who don’t need to be tainted by associating with Brown in any way, shape or form.

TeeRoy's 2 Cents

-1.We know Kanye is jealous, but hard to believe he's this jealous.

--2.Interesting that Kanye thinks getting a Vogue cover makes him an official A-lister.

---3.Kanye is friends with Rihanna, so maybe he knows some stuff we don't.

----4.This sounds more like he's concerned about his paper, not his fiancée's romantic past. And considering her past, that makes sense.




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