Is Chris Brown getting dissed behind bars?

CHRIS BROWN: Scared Straight?


Could Chris Brown's stint behind bars be scaring him straight?

A source tells that Brown has been getting disrespected by his fellow inmates at Los Angeles's Men's Central jail and is "extremely upset" by their taunts. The insider says, “One inmate said in passing, ‘You a b***h for hitting Rihanna.’”

The source also says that Brown is getting dissed for being a fake tough guy. “They be saying other stuff too, like, ‘You ain’t no rapper, you’re a whack R&B singer.' They’re in there trying to break him down.”

Brown is scheduled to be behind bars until at least late next month. 

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

-1.Wonder if this experience will get him on the right path.

--2.Some serious thugs at Men's Central. Chris better keep it together.

---3.Is Chris tough enough to handle this?

----4.Imagine how Bieber would hold up in this situation.




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