in blankstare: No Love for This Glove

in blankstare: No Love for This Glove

A Florida woman snapped to attention after she bit into a breakfast pastry that had a little too much snap – because it had a latex glove stuck inside it.

Taylor Collins bought a Pop-Tart from her local convenience store and tore into the package while on her way to work, but thought something tasted a little off and looked closely – only to find a whole glove attached to the treat. She was freaked out, but hung onto the pastry and contacted the manufacturer , which offered her a coupon for more Pop-Tarts.

Collins declined, saying, "I will never eat one again, because it looks like moldy and stuff, and I don’t know what’s on it, and I ate some of it. Something needs to be done about it and I’ll never eat one again." (Metro)





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