IN BLANKSTARE NEWS.......POLE POSITION: Stripper Fired for Getting Pregnant?

POLE POSITION: Stripper Fired for Getting Pregnant?

An Atlanta stripper is suing the Pin Ups strip club for allegedly firing her after learning that she was pregnant.

According to the Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionAmanda Berry says her termination violates the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. The suit also claims that the club compensated Berry and another dancer as independent contractors rather than employees, paying them only gratuities from customers and not minimum wage or overtime when they worked more than 40 hours in a week.

On top of that, the suit alleges that the club fired dancers for not appearing onstage when their names were called or if they weren’t ready to strip within 30 minutes of arriving at work. Pin Ups' owners also allegedly demanded numerous fees from the dancers, including “bar fees,” “DJ fees,” “breathalyzer test fees,” “leave early fees” and even “slow day fees.” 


  • Isn't it time for a stripper's union already? 
  • Should a stripper just assume she's going to lose her job when she's pregnant? 
  • Why would you even want to strip when you're pregnant? 
  • Did you know strippers were getting charged all these fees? Time to throw a few bigger bills in there, fellas.
  • The independent-contractor thing is a big issue right now. A New York judge just ruled against a club in a similar suit, and just last week, another Georgia strip club was sued.
  • Amanda Berry is also the name of one of the women who was held as a sex slave in Cleveland by Ariel Castro. This gal may might want to use a different stage name.



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