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MOVIES: Is Best Man Holiday Race Themed?

USA Today is feeling the heat after releasing a headline describing Best Man Holiday as a "race-themed" film.

The drama started after the paper titled an article about the success of the film "HolidayNearly Beats Thor as Race-Themed Films Soar." The headline was quickly denounced on Twitter, where many people pointed out that the movie, which follows a group of friends as they grow older, hardly seemed to be "race-based." In response, the paper changed its headline to "Holiday Nearly Beats Thor as Ethnically Diverse Films Soar."

But the move failed to quell the firestorm, and eventually the paper changed it once again, finally settling on, “Best Man Holiday’€ Nearly Beats Mighty Thor.”


  • What about friendship and aging is "race-based"?
  • So does that mean Friends was a race-based TV show? You know, based on the experiences of white people.
  • Why would USA Today change the headline to "Ethnically Diverse Film"? Best Man Holiday had a nearly all-black cast.
  • Looks like they need some minority editors and writers at USA Today
  • Wonder if the paper will issue a formal apology. Too bad this is overshadowing how well the film did in the box office.



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